increasing diversity - multi-factor

strategies for improving diversity

* have to get people when they're young; before college
* showing girls that it's cool and they can do it
* more diversity in South East Asia, as opposed to Europe
* if a teacher encourages a student, the student will have confidence and be excited. We need to encourage teachers
* "what is coding?" - tweak intro to say "coding is X", to make it a bit more accessible
* outreach! The internet, especially Twitter and other social media, makes this really easy.
* OMG Tech! Gets people into coding without them realising it's coding.
* GSoC trying to get more AU/NZ students
* Show students that there are people in tech that *look* like them, and with whom they can identify!
* Using a known name (like "Google") may encourage people to participate more
* Have a local person with the time and resources to help engage people (e.g. offer their time and PC to teach kids how to use a PC)

* Check stats for country diversity (age, ethnicity, etc.)
* Being clear about intent to ensure diversity
* Understand what "diversity" looks like
* Offer childcare
* safer and inclusive space, with CoC, inclusive language
* Acknowledged possible mental health issues to accommodate them
* Meeting people where they're at, and *offering* ideas/help etc, but not taking over, as a privileged person
* "Coders are the rock stars",
* coding, doco, UI, QA, UX, sysadmin - All useful, so help with any of them
* Don't *push* people out of coding though; make it clear that they don't *have* to code, but don't discourage coding
* Diverse family events like,
* Pro-actively recruit women - We're not recruiting for the *role*, we're recruiting for the generally beneficial diversity of the *team*
* Framing stuff in the context of solving a problem, without that explicit tech label (even though tech might solve the problem)
* Future Problem Solving (
* Various labels, like "coding" might discourage people.
* Upper management needs to be diverse

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