What are Lightning Talks?

See Lightning talk article on Wikipedia

It is linux.conf.au tradition to hold Lightning Talks during the last session of the Conference, on Friday afternoon.

What is the format for linux.conf.au Lightning Talks?

  • 5 minutes, including presentation setup. More setup, less talky talky
  • You will be counted down
  • Signups will be available via a noticeboard outside the Plenary hall.
  • There are a limited number of slots available. If you don't fit into these slots, you can go on the Reserve list. We'll announce the number of slots closer to the day
  • Modifications to this list are editable. Bumping someone else's Lightning Talk is frowned upon

What do I need to do to prepare for my Lightning Talk?

  • Your slides must be ready to go on your own laptop in 16:9 format using an HDMI connector (A mini-DP adapter is said to be available)
  • While there is another lightning talk in process you will need to set up your laptop on the alternate lectern and be ready to go by the time the other lightning talk finishes.

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