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Jobs BoF - Friday

Scheduled for - Friday lunchtime in the Boardwalk Gallery

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Looking for work

  • Joel Shea (jwshea+jobs at Melbourne / Remote / Worldwide (Europe? New Zealand?) Interested in roles related to HPC, infrastructure automation, backend development, security operations, big data, machine learning

  • Hire an experienced designer / web developer 🐨 who digs Django, Python, CSS and JavaScript.

  • Karl Goetz, usually Systems Administrator currently full time parent.

  • Cameron Lonsdale. UNSW Computer Science, graduating Nov 2017. Interested in backend, systems and security.

  • Betsy Alpert: python, databases, algorithms, AI, research, communication, wants to learn all the things! @betsybookworm / lizbeth.alpert at gmail

  • Ben "PuZZleDucK" Minerds in Melbourne but willing travel. Polyglot developer (Java, Haskell, HTML5, Rails...) with experience working in an agile team and performing any function the team needs from pen & paper design, communications and blogging, CI/CD, back end code, all the way through to front end (even css if necessary :p). Demos and some blogs

  • David Lord. Recent grad (mid 2015) with now a year's experience in mobile QA (primarily Android). Keen on software quality, user experience and pride in my work. Not actively searching, just scouting for something with more technical mentorship :)

  • James McKay. Looking for jobs around System Admin or Java/Python/JS programming., @portablejim

  • Charelle Collett Graduating mid-2017, but studying remotely so flexible with starting dates. Experience with helpdesk, documentation, web, conference volunteering, interested in security and always eager to learn. @charcol0x89

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Looking for staff

Please post information job description, who to talk to or how they can contact you at the conference to ask more info about it and how

Red Hat

We have a number of open roles in Australia, as well as remote roles that aren't location specific. For more details see Red Hat jobs or look out for @steven_ellis during the conference.

NZRS (New Zealand Registry Services) - System Administrator - Linux

Come work with us in Wellington, New Zealand. Happy to interview people from Australia (they interviewed me for a development job). Details at:

FastMail - Melbourne

Currently looking for frontend and backend (Perl) developers and a support engineer. See our jobs page or say hi to one of FastMail team at LCA (there's lots of us and we're noisy).

OSS - Auckland/Wellington

We have three roles available for skilled Linux and/or AWS consultants, based across our Auckland and Wellington offices. For more info, see our careers page or speak to Dan Hawke @dankaska

MailGuard Pty Ltd - Melbourne

We're looking for another SysAdmin team member for our NetOps team and a Tester for our Development team in our South Melbourne office. For more info, see our jobs page or say hi to David Bell (@dtbell91)

Dell EMC Isilon - Melbourne or Seattle

We currently have an open role for a test/validation engineer working on OneFS, a FreeBSD-based, clustered, network-attached storage product. We are also keen to talk with interested software engineers for roles in Melbourne or Seattle. For more, chat with Benno Rice or Robert Shelton.

Wikimedia Foundation - San Francisco or anywhere else

Come work for the non-profit organization that hosts Wikipedia! We have an open position for a Network Operations Engineer, as well a UX Designer, Product Manager and Product Analyst. Our office is in San Francisco, but many of our staff (including ~80% of our ops team) work remotely from all over the world. For more info, see our jobs page or come talk to Roan Kattouw (@catrope).

Canonical - Australia or anywhere else - Remote/Home based

We have a number of positions open, most are remote/home based and several are eligible for those in Australia or other APAC countries. Positions include developers (likely Go or Python).

Please get in touch with Trent Lloyd at the conference (lathiat on IRC/twitter) and would be happy to discuss any positions with you.

See a list of open positions:

Exablaze - Sydney or worldwide

Exablaze is a small Sydney-based team (~15 people) developing cutting-edge network cards and switches. We are looking to hire motivated firmware engineers with experience in either low-level systems software, or FPGA development (Verilog RTL), or both. The ideal candidate would have experience across multiple layers of the software/hardware stack and an enthusiasm to 'get their hands dirty' in various aspects of systems development. Some time in Sydney would be required although later work could be done remotely given the right candidate. There are also some technical marketing and support roles available worldwide. For more information, talk to Matthew Chapman (@eigenmatt) or email info at


Elastic is the company behind Elasticsearch, y'know for search! Besides Elasticsearch, we are also responsible for the awesome swiss-army knife ETL tool Logstash, the awesome visualisation tool Kibana and an ever expanding number of beats like filebeat, winlogbeat and metricbeat to gather all the things!

Java, Ruby, Node/JS ang Go are the languages we use to build the above tools. Besides developers, we are also looking for all sorts of people in sales, support, operations, data scientists and even finance. We embrace remote working (though we do have an office in Sydney). You can be anywhere and you'll be working with bright, passionate people all over the world.

If you are interested, check out our job listings here or find Josh Rich (@devopswannabe) or Mark Warkolm (@warkolm) wandering around the conference!


We have many open positions, both in offices and remote (in many, many countries), including engineering roles in distributed storage, high availability, cloud, containers, Linux kernel, ... and many others. Including various sales and support and consulting and management-y options. For more details see SUSE Careers, or come find Tim Serong @tserong, @larsmb, or one of the other SUSE crew at the conference. Most of us are wearing SUSE t-shirts. (Or black.)

Data61 / CSIRO

Data61 hiring for Haskell / functional programming jobs in Brisbane. Looking for all experience levels:

Talk to Tony Morris (dibblego) if you want to know more. He can be found on Twitter and IRC (#bfpg /


Lots of roles available in Sydney (and overseas). Developer, sysadmin, security, SRE. or talk to @mibus.

Trinity College

We need a Linux System Administrator for a short term position, to cover while someone is going on leave. Trinity College is based in Parkville, Melbourne. The job is not yet advertised, but see Geoff Crompton for details

Envato (Melbourne, Remote)

We're passionate about the web, and about enabling creators to make a living doing what they love.

Envato is a fast growing company and we’re expanding both our Melbourne office and our remote team.

See our careers page for all open roles in this great company or speak with Pete (@johnsyweb) about being a Site Reliability Engineer or a Ruby Developer on his team.

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