It's the wrong time of year for making warm things, but there are quite a few knitters, crocheters, and other dabblers in the fibre arts who will be at LCA, so we should gather and talk about purl and such! It'll be a stitch up!


Lunchtime, Friday, Wellington Room 2.

Interested Participants

  • Katie McLaughlin
  • @KathyReid
  • various people on twitter, apparently
  • Karl-Johan Karlsson (and Tux, if he fits in my luggage)
  • Kris Howard (@web_goddess)
  • Jill Rowling Marlyn Alpaca
  • Cat Allman (@catallman)
  • Cherie Ellis (@CherieEllisNZ)
  • Katrina Szetey (@pelagikat)
  • Betsy Alpert (@betsybookworm)
  • Nat Dudley (@natdudley)

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