Queer BoF

This BoF is for any folk who identify as Queer, LGBT(IQUA), polyamorous/non-monogamous, or any allies or friendly, interested people. We'll likely have some lunchtime meetups at the venue that people can enjoy the catered lunch with company.

The last few years in Geelong and Auckland this BoF was a purely social gathering, and this worked well, so I intend to run it in a similar fashion this time. If interest is there, some evening bar/restaurant visits. For those that didn't attend last year, this is a great way to make friends - around 30 people attended last year. I'm still in touch with several of the people I met on this BoF over the last few years, so I would highly recommend coming along.

Scheduled Events

EDIT: Friday we're meeting between rego desk and Boardwalk Gallery, by the windows. Every day, lunchtime - by the fountain at the entrance to the grassy area. Grab some lunch and come along approx 12:30pm. If coming from upstairs, turn left after onyx bar, follow signs for boardwalk.


If coming from upstairs, then left after onyx bar, follow signs for boardwalk


Safer Space

Although I (Dan) have never known of any issues in previous years, prevention is always better than cure. We welcome people whether or not they identify with the "Queer" tagline, including our straight allies. Please remember, you may encounter people in minority groups that you do not identify with, so be polite, and treat everybody with respect. I will identify myself to the group at the beginning of each meet, and you are at any time welcome to speak to me if you are feeling uncomfortable, or if there is anything happening that you do not believe is keeping with the idea of a Safer Space. Feel free to ask me (Dan) to step outside or send me an SMS if you do not wish to bring something up in front of the group.

Also keep in mind that not everybody in the group may wish for their identification to be published widely, so please ask permission before taking photos, tagging people on social media, or including names in articles or blog posts.

Pronouns Please be encouraged to ask people what pronouns you should refer to them with. Someone appearing femme might not identify with "she/her/hers", and someone appearing masculine might not identify with "he/him/his". Some people may use gender-neutral pronouns like "they/them/theirs". It's okay to make mistakes, but given this is a safer space, help others feel safe by being inclusive in your language.

The conference organisers encourage you to use one of the free text fields on your attendee profile to include your chosen pronouns.

More Information

Queer is a reclaimed word used as an umbrella term to describe our rainbow family identities that includes Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Takatapui, Fa’afafine, Fakaleiti, Pansexual, Asexual and Gender Queer.

Feel free to get in touch with either Matt or Dan with any questions.


Matt Cengia (Ran Queer BoF 2016, Geelong and PyConAu 2016 Queer BoF Melbourne) - email - @mattcen

Dan Hawke (Ran Queer BoF 2015, Auckland) - email - +6421887999 - @dankaska

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