EDIT: We're meeting between rego desk and Boardwalk Gallery, by the windows.

Tl;dr: Friday 12:30 (lunch) on lawn where penguin dinner was: discussion/chat of non-monogamy and polyamory, and their benefits, including improved communication skills.

Long version

During the session on non-violent communication season of the Community Leadership Summit on Tuesday, I mentioned that I help facilitate discussion groups on non-monogamy, where fascinating lessons can be learned such as clear, direct and non-violent communication.

Since then, I've had a couple of people come and ask me to elaborate on my experience on non-monogamy (or more specifically polyamory; "many loves") so I thought I'd offer the opportunity to discuss this during lunch on Friday. I intend to be eating lunch with or near the Queer BoF on the lawn where the penguin dinner was on Wednesday at 12:30 Friday if anyone is interested in quizzing me or having a chat. I welcome all questions, nothing too private or taboo, though I may politely decline to answer very few of them, and we must be mindful of the conference CoC.

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