Martial Arts BoF

Time: Thursday 7am

Venue: On the Lawn, same place where Conference Dinner was. If you can't find us, call +61386521453

This BoF is to share knowledge and skills about our Martial Arts traditions. It will be a safe space, where everyone's contributions will be welcome, irregardless of how long you've been training, or which martial tradition you harken from.

Please come willing to share about your martial art:

  • Where it comes from
  • Something about it's (perhaps it's philosophy, or particular approach)
  • Something about your journey with your Art
  • (If you're willing) a demo, or a practice we can see/participate in

If you can add your name to the following list, and your Art, it would be very helpful, to have a feel for who is interested.

  • Geoff Crompton (Iwama Aikido)
  • Pia Waugh (Shaolin Gung Fu)
  • William Brown (Judo)
  • Paul (Ninjitsu Krav and European Swords)
  • Dylan Carruthers (Aikido)
  • David Gison (Xing Yi)
  • Bertrand (Iaido)

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