Friday, 11:35, Wellington room 2

This BoF is for people interested in unified communication technologies using Free Software and Open Standards. It's a sequel to last years Libre IM & Social BoF.

Topics that will likely be touched:

  • IRC, Slack, MatterMost
  •, Tox
  • Diaspora, GNUsocial,, Friendica, Secure Scuttlebutt

There might grow an agenda, but mostly the goal shall be to connect inrterested people and hopefully advance the Libre alternatives to the proprietary behemoths and walled gardens that are subsuming communications.

Post-lunch will be the Future of Distros in the Cloud BoF, which might be a continuation as nowadays, hosting, booting, filestorage etc. are kind of like kitchen staples and the focus is more on information.

Please add yourself below if interested.


  • Scott Bragg ("faulteh")
  • Josh Simmons ("bluesomewhere")
  • Andrew Gordon ( (sorry, busy at 11:35)
  • Eion Robb ("EionRobb")
  • Rob Thomas ("xrobau" - FreePBX)
  • Chris Lamb ("lamby" - Debian)
  • Martin Krafft ("madduck")
  • Shaun Walker (@theshaun)
  • Ian Stevenson (
  • Robert Shelton
  • Manu Poletti (
  • Daniel Sobey (
  • Michael Cassaniti (
  • Olivier Mehani (shtrom)

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