Hackerspaces BoF

Thank you all that attended! I recommend you jump on to https://ozhs.slack.com/ to stay in touch.

There are many of Hackerspaces in Australia and New Zealand, and we are all in the one spot! Lets say hi.

Time: Thursday Lunchtime (12:20pm)

We will be sharing the slot and space with the Openhardware crew.

Venue: Boardwalk (it's near the info desk)

This will be shared with the Openhardware BoF! Plenty of things to check out

Let's get together and have a chat about how our spaces are going! The previous year had a focus on the organisers/committee members and people involved in creating and running Hacker/Makerspaces , although people interested in finding a local hackerspace near them are more than welcome to listen in too.

No real schedule, but a great change to catch up.

Some topics we can cover:

  • Things that are working well in the space
  • Current grants which are relevant to hackerspaces
  • Common meeting points on Slack/IRC
  • Your topic here!

Attending (Feel free to edit yourself in):

  • Brett/Ballarat Hackerspace (@SuperRoach)
  • Ian Firns/Ballarat Hackerspace (@ianfirns)
  • George Patterson/Geelong
  • Jason Owen
  • Nick Bannon / http://artifactory.org.au/ , Perth WA
  • Peter Hardy / Robots and Dinosaurs, Sydney (@stibbons)

Hackerspace Meet

The Hobart hackerspace is unavailable at lunchtime this day and Wednesday, but is having an open night on Thursday. Link to their page for more information. https://www.hobarthackerspace.org.au/node/46

There is the idea/plan to get a listing of people able to attend, to see if there is a shared travel/taxi travel to help with costs (it is said to be a 20 Minute drive)

Attending Hobart Hackerspace Thursday Night

Please feel free to edit and add your name in here and follow the chat list emails for Hackerspaces BoF. The Location of the hobart hackerspace is a 20 Minute Drive, that looks like it is past the city. Micheal at the Info desk is a member of the Hobart Hackerspace, and is a good source to ask questions and arrange travel if needed.

2 St Johns Ave, New Town TAS 7008 Link to their space

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