--Friday, 13:20, Wellington room 2-- [CANCELLED due to lack of time]

This BoF intends to unite people interested in thinking about the role of distributions and our community in general in times when the focus shifts away from individual computers to the cloud and beyond.

We've seen the trends away from hardware and boot sequences to virtual machines and orchestration, containers, and approaches beyond storing files on filesystems. And that's not the end of the road. So what does this mean for distributions and their communities? What are the challenges and opportunities?

If you're interested in technology such as

  • Snappy, Flatpak, AppImage
  • CoreOS, Atomic Fedora
  • Qubes
  • Virtual machine image build tools (e.g. packer, etc)

Come along! We'll meet post-lunch on Friday in the wake of the Libre communications BoF.

Please add yourself to the list below if you're interested.

  • your name here
  • Martin Krafft ("madduck")

PS: I am not claiming to know anything about the above, but I'd love to facilitate exchange and learn. Please do feel free to take a role as active as you'd like it to be.

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