Let's talk about all things Elastic:

  • Elasticsearch
  • Logstash
  • Kibana
  • Beats (Filebeat, Metricbeat, etc.)
  • Prealert

We can talk a little about the new features in v5 of the stack, how to migrate to the new version, how to secure your deployment and any else that might come up!

We can also discuss any use-cases people have, and dig into how you would implement it with the tools above.

Also, any other topics we can think of!


Tasman Room B/C @ 12.20pm Wed

Interested people:

  • Glen Ogilvie (OSS) - currently working on an ELK project
  • Daniel White (@dwhite:matrix.org)
  • Chris Laws - investigating using ELK.
  • Andrew McGilvray - Elasticsearch sysadmin
  • Karl Goetz - just interested
  • Dylan Carruthers - also investigating ELK
  • Michael Cassaniti - just interested
  • Justin Steward - interested/investigating
  • Julian De Marchi - Elasticsearch sysadmin
  • Karl-Johan Karlsson - just started using ELK

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