This is a BoF being co-run by Pia Waugh, Robert M. "r0ml" Lefkowitz, Dan Callahan and Allison Randal about what that brave new world could look like. It is meant to be a discussion where everyone is going to -- in a very short, sharp session -- give a 1 minute (time pending) overview of an idea for everyone else, then we'll vote on which ideas to explore for the rest of the session :) Obviously we believe the topic is much bigger than can be covered in a BoF, but there seems a lot of interest to discuss future possible directions for us, so let's have a chat to kick things off!

Everyone welcome!


Establish proper Liberal Source governance roles

Review current virtual 'government' bodies. GitHub, Atlasian, Debian, Cannonical. Identify what they provide.

Resolve conflicting tactical goals: e.g. privacy v. transparency.

Establish practices that encourage behavior leading to the goals

Remove incidental complexity (data-> function -> class -> file -> package) by expressing systems as graphs.

Represent contributors as citizens. Represent value as reputation (with an exchange to money)

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