Board and card games are fun! Doubly so for geeky ones. I will be bringing along my kickstarter edition of Release! for some light gaming during some of the break sessions.

When and where

  • When: Thursday evening, 5:30pm-9:30pm
  • Where: Wellington 2

Getting in

  • The front door will be locked so you can SMS me on +61418859236(I will get your message but won't be able to respond) or message me on IRC/Matrix at DJ_Dichotomy

Interested Participants

  • Darren Cocco (IRC: DJ_Dichotomy)
  • Mike Abrahall (IRC: mijofa)
  • Dan Hawke (IRC-Matrix: danznz, T: @dankaska)
  • R Tyler Croy (IRC: rtyler)
  • Stephen Edmonds (T: @popcorncx)
  • Jaime Schmidt (T: @jaimekristene, IRC jaimekristene)
  • Joey Hess (IRC: joeyh) (wish I'd packed Hive)
  • Justin Steward (Matrix:
  • Scott Bragg (T:@faulteh M:
  • Daniel White (M:

Games - who is bringing it

  • Darren Cocco - Release! Kickstarter Edition
  • R Tyler - An amazongly exciting deck of 52 UNBELIEVABLE cards
  • Stephen Edmonds - Codenames, Qwirkle, The Game, Hanabi, 6 Nimmt, Red 7 (but unless arranged will be leaving them in the utas accommodation)
  • Justin Steward - Love Letter, Hive, Citadels, One Hit Kill (nice small boxes)
  • Scott Bragg - Guns and Steel, Star Trek Panic! and a few small box games
  • Daniel White - Mascarade

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