Suggested agenda:

  • intro by John Dalton
  • a handful lightning talks (confirmed: Peter Lawler)
  • general discussion (moderated)

There won’t be any taboo topics, however it is important to maintain a safe environment for everybody. A meeting like this is not therapy or a substitute for any form of professional help. It has however been found very beneficial to hear from others about their experiences and to discuss what tips and tricks work for them.

BlueHackers has one key objective: to remind you that if you are a geek dealing with depression or a related disorder, you are not alone. Depression is fairly prolific in the geek community, and it is important that we don’t hide the subject away. Talking about it is one of the most positive and helpful things we can do for each other.

Email: l i f e (at) b l u e h a c k e r s (dot) o r g if you have any questions or want to tell us you’re coming along (but you’re most welcome regardless!) – please also help spread the word through any medium, to ensure that everyone knows the event is happening.

At the event, you’re welcome to sit quietly in the back if you prefer. Some people are comfortable talking in public on this, others are not. Your mere presence will already be positive for other attendees, and possibly for you too.

Naturally, if you want to help with this, have ideas, would like to do one of the lightning talks, or anything else related, write to the above email address. Thanks!

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