The Astronomy BoF is for anyone interested in astronomy and space. While there's no Astronomy Miniconf this year, we space nerds can still get together and geek out together.

## Planned Event

* Visit and tour the [Mount Pleasant Radio Observatory]( and associated [Grote Reber Museum]( on site.

**This is now confirmed for Thursday night (19th Jan) for a maximum of 45 people.**

The cost for the group tour will is $150, which is being generously covered by Peter Lawler.

### Where to meet the bus

The bus will depart from the regular bus pickup point at Wrest Point outside the exit nearest the registration desk.

**FROM Wrest Point TO Observatory**

**BOARD BUS: 5:20pm sharp**

We really have no wiggle room on this - if you're unable to make it onto the bus by departure time, your spot **WILL** be given to someone on the waitlist.

**Return FROM Observatory TO Wrest Point**

**BOARD BUS: Approx. 7:45pm**
**BUS DEPARTS: Approx. 8:00pm**

If you will be catching the bus **TO** the observatory but not returning on the bus to Wrest Point, please let Jessica Smith know **BEFORE** you leave so that we can ensure that we have a correct headcount before leaving the observatory!

## Attendee List

The people below have a confirmed spot for the Astronomy BoF. Because we have a hard limit of 45 people, we now have a handful of late additions who we can't guarantee a place in the tour.

It's likely that a handful of people may need to drop for some reason, so there's a chance that those who registered most recently may make the cut. Unfortunately it's just not feasible for us to take any more than 45 people.

**If you haven't already signed up below, please don't add yourself.**

If you've on the list but won't be able to make it for any reason, please remove yourself from the list and email [Jessica Smith]( to let her know.

### Attending

1. Jessica Smith (@itgrrl)
2. Ben Martin
3. Ender
4. Nik Lam
5. Karl-Johan Karlsson
6. Randall Crook
7. Paul Warren
8. Mars (@themartianlife)
9. Paris (@parisba)
10. @the_mcjones (Paris' +1)
11. @caskey (Paris' +2)
12. Ivan Brawley
13. David Lord (@dal_geek)
14. Jed Murzello
15. Jon (@desplesda)
16. Pete Lawler
17. Georgie Addison (Pete's +1, will meet us there)
18. Stephen Edmonds (@popcorncx)
19. Michael Cree
20. Simon Lyall (@slyall)
21. Sebastian Cook (@tsuite)
22. Justin Thiessen
23. Josh Deprez (@DrJosh9000)
24. Hannah Thompson (@hannahcancode)
25. Cameron Lonsdale (@MyOutpost)
26. Camilla Blomberg
27. Jaime Schmidt (@jaimekristene)
28. Jan Schmidt (thaytan)
29. Arthur Schmidt
30. Oliver Schmidt
31. Andrew Gordon (@andkiw)
32. Andrew Bartlett
33. Maksim Lin (@mklin)
34. Dan Hawke (@dankaska)
35. Matthew Chapman (@eigenmatt)
36. Thomas Sprinkmeier
37. Emma
38. Alex
39. Paul Hamilton
40. Paul Fenwick (@pjf)
41. Kate McCombs (@katecom)
42. Robert Mibus (@mibus)
43. Matthew D'Orazio
44. David Go
45. Paul McInerney

### Waitlist

The people below are on the waitlist. They will be moved to the attending list if anyone on that list is unable to attend.

1. Matt Ames
2. Jeremy Utting

## Transportation Costs

[Secret Lab]( have generously offered to provide $300 sponsorship towards the cost of a charter bus to the observatory, and the LCA Organising Committee have also generously offered to cover the balance of the charter bus hire. There will be no cost to those attending.

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