Welcome to the Delegate Wiki for linux.conf.au 2017 Hobart - The Future Of Open Source.

This Wiki is intended to be your conference companion and source of information to ensure you have a first-rate conference experience. The Wiki is collaboratively written and edited by the Conference Organisers and Delegates. You are welcome to edit the Wiki, as long as you do it awesomely.

The wiki is integrated into the linux.conf.au website so you use the same username, and the same password from linux.conf.au to login.

# Information by attendee type
- [Information for Speakers](information_for_speakers)
- [Information for Delegates](information_for_delegates)
- [Information for Volunteers](information_for_volunteers)
- [Information for Students](information_for_students)
- [Information for Partners and Family](information_for_partners_and_family)
- [Information for International Visitors](information_for_international_visitors)

# Information by conference lifecycle
- [Registering for linux.conf.au](conference/registering_for_linuxconfau)
- [Airport Departures and Arrivals](conference/airport_arrivals_and_departures/)
- [Getting to linux.conf.au](conference/transport)
- [Where to stay at linux.conf.au](conference/accomodation)
- [What to expect at linux.conf.au](conference/what_to_expect)
- [What's in store for the miniconfs](conference/miniconfs)
- [What to do at linux.conf.au](conference/what_to_do)
- [What happens after linux.conf.au](conference/what_happens_after_linuxconfau)
- [Jobs Page](conference/jobs)
- [Links](conference/links) - Links to your photos, blogs, articles written about lca2017


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