Rafael J. Wysocki


Rafael maintains the Linux kernel's core ACPI and power management code, including the core infrastructure for IO device PM, CPU PM and system suspend/hibernation. He works at Intel Open Source Technology Center as a Software Engineer focusing on the mainline Linux kernel. Rafael has been actively contributing to Linux since 2005, in particular to the kernel's power management subsystems (system suspend/hibernation, device runtime PM framework, PM QoS, cpufreq, cpuidle), hot-plug infrastructure, ACPI core and PCI core, and has been maintaining Linux kernel subsystems since 2009. In addition to his kernel work, Rafael created a user space hibernation utility called s2disk. Before joining Intel in 2012, Rafael worked as a computer programming teacher in a secondary school, as an IT support specialist and finally as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Warsaw (2006-2012). He also was running an IT support business of his own and worked as a consultant for Renesas Electronics and the Linux distribution provider SUSE. Rafael holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Warsaw, Poland (2002).


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