Steve Conklin


Steve is a long time hardware and software hacker who has been working in open source since 2000. He has been employed to work on open source projects, by Red Hat and then by Canonical, where he helped deliver kernel updates for suported releases of Ubuntu.

Personal contributions to open source include maintenance of amateur radio applications and packages, founding of the Ubuntu-hams interest group, and creation of the PDD-emulate software emulator for an obsolete exetrnal floppy drive for Brother knitting machines. This helped fuel the growth in interest in knitting machine hacking and home knitting applications.

Steve also dabbles in rf curcuit design, signal processing, and machining.

Steve implemented the framework for tmtp-project, a batch mode proof-of-concept for algorithmic garment pattern design using concepts by Susan Spencer.

His current personal project is a CNC machine optimized for cutting fabric for small batch garment production, which accepts output from the Valentina open source pattern design application.


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