Hamish Coleman


Hamish got his first real computer in 1988 when he convinced his Dad to order one via mail-order, but it arrived unassembled - thus kick starting his efforts to bend hardware to his will.

This evolved into a career as a Sys Admin - working at large Australian banks, small startups and everything in between both at home in Australia and abroad - but most importantly, his quest to make computers do his bidding (and not the other way around) has continued to drive his tinkering with software and hardware at home and at work.

He strongly believes that Open Source is the best way to keep the control of our hardware and software in our own hands. As such he is a keen advocate for openness - not just for the tinkerers, but for all the other people who currently struggle to bend any technology to their own needs.

Hamish currently lives in Melbourne in a cupboard under the stairs, where he tends to his various pet computers.


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