Presented by R Tyler Croy


Testing and automation is not isolated to a single toolchain, language or platform, there is much to learn and share regardless of background. The goal of this mniniconf is to foster discussion across various layers of testing and automation, using open source tools to improve all software.

We will host a number of sessions from:

  • core developers from open source testing and automation tools
  • power-users using those tools to do interesting things
  • Case studies by groups who have introduced open source test/automation tooling to improve quality in their software.

Call for Proposals

We're interested in seeing talks from contributors across the open source ecosystem! This includes, but is not limited to, talks about:

Testing in the real, open source world

  • War stories/strategies for testing large scale or complex projects
  • Tools that extend the ability to test low-level code
  • Projects that are introducing new/interesting ways of testing "systems"

Cool Tools

  • Explain/demo how your open source tool made developing quality software better
  • Combining projects/plugins/tools to build amazing things "Not enough people in the open source community know how to use $X, but here's a tutorial on how to use $X to make your project better."

Talks can/should be around 30-40 minutes. If you you're interested in having a mentor, somebody to help review and discuss your talk with, please indicate that in the submission.

CFP closes November 30 23:59 UTC

To submit a proposal, you should first create a speaker profile and then fill out our submission form.

Presented by

R Tyler Croy

Tyler has been a long-time contributor to the Jenkins project, professional software engineer and currently works full-time on the Jenkins project at CloudBees, Inc. He has been responsible for Test/Automation efforts at numerous companies, helping bring higher quality software to production faster with tools like Jenkins, RSpec, Cucumber, Selenium, ServerSpec and more.

He also will gladly discuss beer, gardening and bread recipes

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