Defending the Security and Integrity of the 'Net - is Open Source helping?

Presented by George Fong
Friday 2:15 p.m.–3 p.m.
Target audience: Community


With the onslaught of mass electronic surveillence across the world and with the rise of criminal activity threatening the growtht of online business and commerce, where are the tools and defences that allow users of the ‘Net to traverse the same safely, and how is the Open Source contributing towards making the ‘Net a place of integrity and trust?

In this presentation, George Fong explores the open source ecosystem and open source tools in relation to security and defence of ‘Net activity ranging from encrypting email to anonimisning access. He also assesses the effectiveness and utility of the same in relation to assisting Internet users of all walks of life in protecting themselves and their personal information. The presentation also explores the threats, both physical and political, to the integreity of the ‘Net as a trusted communications medium.

Presented by

George Fong

BA Law (Hons), Barrister-a-Law, Lincolns Inn, Advocate and Solicitor, High Court of the Republic of Singapore George has more than 20 years of experience in the ICT sector, particularly in the development and implementation of regionally based ICT projects and strategies. George has also practiced shipping and admiralty law, co-founded NetConnect Communications – one of Australia’s first regional internet service providers, and was the Executive Officer of Ballarat ICT Ltd – an independent strategic organisation which assists in the promotion and coordination of ICT development in the Ballarat region. George has had both formal and informal roles in relation to the expansion of broadband technologies into regional and rural Victoria. Recently, as Vice President of the Internet Society of Australia, George facilitated an Internet Society roundtable of business and community organisations in Ballarat to discuss the National Broadband Network and its implications on regional and rural organisations and communities. George was also on the organising committee and facilitated one of the workshops at the Australian Internet Governance Forum in Canberra in 2012. George was involved in the conception and development of the Grampians Rural Health Alliance Network and served on GRHNet's initial board for some years. George has for a significant number of years worked closely with numerous councils across regional Victoria in relation to ICT and is regularly asked to provide advice and expertise in relation to issues such as broadband accessibility and the rollout of the National Broadband Network. George is currently the president of Internet Australia (a chapter of the world Internet Society) and is Deputy Chancellol of Federation University Australia. He is also chair of the University’s Infrastructure Committee.

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