Lobbing cats into the walled garden - a beginners guide to reverse engineering IM protocols

Presented by Eion Robb
Thursday 10:40 a.m.–11:25 a.m.
Target audience: Developer


Sending pictures of our feline overlords is an important part of the social internet. Unfortunately, large companies want to make this harder by keeping us out of their networks unless our cats fit their ideals. To make a better future for ourselves (and our cats), we need to be empowered so we are able to take arms and fight back. This talk aims to share the knowledge, history, legalities and tools at our disposal to reverse engineer IM protocols and, most importantly, send cat pics.

Presented by

Eion Robb

Eion is a programmer from Christchurch, NZ who has spent the last 10+ years of his spare time working on the open-source instant messenger, Pidgin... when he's not in the garden with his wife or taking photos of his cats, that is.

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