Are you a bad enough dude to take down your network?

Presented by Thomas Cuthbert
Wednesday 1:20 p.m.–2:05 p.m.
Target audience: Developer


Perl and Expect are great tools to destroy automate your network of tens of devices. But what if we wanted to annihilate manage hundreds or even thousands of routers and switches sprawled across slow and lossy WANs or spanning multiple DC fabrics?

In this talk I'm going to arm you with the greatest weapon in the fight against availability network management. This weapon is Trigger.

Trigger is a python API for managing network devices. Trigger is built on top of Twisted which means it nukes moves really fast. Trigger provides easy to use classes and functions to manage Cisco (and many Cisco like devices), Juniper and Arista routers and switches over SSH.

After the session you will be locked and loaded for combat in the fight against network configuration management.

Presented by

Thomas Cuthbert

Thomas is a former Network Engineer and part time Python Developer. Unsatisfied with the current state of tools developed in the vendor space he has taken it upon himself to help fill in the gaps. In more recent times Thomas has been working as a Systems Reliability Engineer for Canonical where he ensures all your Ubuntu services are as fresh and reliable as possible.

Cutting his teeth automating one of Western Australia's largest networks, Thomas has been focusing his efforts on Trigger, an open source network automation framework.

When he's not wrangling pythons and pushing packets Thomas enjoys CRPGs, beer and listening to loud noises.

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