In Case of Emergency: Break Glass - BCP, DRP, & Digital Legacy

Presented by David Bell
Wednesday 11:35 a.m.–12:20 p.m.
Target audience: Business


Businesses and households are becoming inextricably attached to their technology, but what happens when the technology isn't available? How do you keep your business churning out widgets and enable your clients to receive their services?

But what about at home? IoT is only growing more and more ingrained into our lives, what happens when your lights don't work due to a firmware bug/internet outage? What do you do when your IoT front door lock doesn't let you in? Or potentially worse, out?

And lastly, in both cases, how do you handle death? We all store countless passwords and access details in our brains, how do our colleagues and family gain access to them when we aren't around to tell them?

In this talk we'll discuss BCP, DRP, Digital Legacy, as well as all these issues, how to begin planning, how to "Break the Glass", how to securely enable your employer and family access to your systems, and how to prepare your digital legacy.

Presented by

David Bell

David has recently joined the team at MailGuard in South Melbourne as a Linux Systems Administrator after spending 3 years in Infrastructure at Treasury Corporation of Victoria where he was responsible for everything from keeping users happy to facilitating BCP testing, and maintaining central log collection to keeping TCV's many layers of security well fed.

Hailing from Geelong and outgoing conference director of 2016, David is also an avid fan of, advocate for, and proponent of Oxford Commas.

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