Integrating high speed fabrics into the Linux network stack

Presented by Christoph Lameter
Friday 2:15 p.m.–3 p.m.
Target audience: Developer


The interface to High Performance network fabrics such as Infiniband and Omnipath has traditionally been like a side car in the kernel. Software was developed in a separate section from the kernel netowrk stack. This talk is about how to integrate the fabrics properly into the network stack so that standard things like ethtool or netstat and the commonly availabe /proc/net/... things will work. This is work on progress so at this early point is it not clear how far the work will have progressed until the presentation.

Presented by

Christoph Lameter

Dr. Christoph Lameter is working as a lead in research and development for an algorithmic trading company in Chicago. He is a long term contributor to the Linux kernel and maintains the slab and the per cpu subsystems. As the Principal Engineer for kernel development at SGI he pioneered the use of Linux on Supercomputers and developed the necessary kernel capabilities for extreme high performance applications

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