Open Knowledge Australia

Presented by Matthew Cengia


The Open Knowledge miniconf, organised with the help of members of Open Knowledge Australia (, will give people the opportunity to learn about many different aspects of openness, transparency, and information sharing:

  • Open Data
  • Open Government
  • Open Source Software
  • Open Journals
  • Open Maps
  • Open Communities
  • Open Hardware

And probably others too. This miniconf would be a great introduction for people who are new to the open source world, or who want to learn about different types of openness to those with which they are familiar.

This miniconf was a success in 2016 (YouTube playlist), and we're hoping for it to be as good, if not better, in 2017.


We're now accepting proposals for talks at this miniconf! We'd love to hear from anybody who is promoting openness, transparency, or knowledge sharing through the use of open source hardware and software, open data, or any of the above. The call for proposals will be closing on 2016-11-21 at this stage.

To submit a proposal, you should first create a speaker profile and then fill out our submission form.

Presented by

Matthew Cengia

Matt is a Linux systems administrator and developer, scout leader, and Open Knowledge Australia ambassador. He's been playing with Linux since 2005, and is always trying to learn about All The Things Open. He's a Bash expert, and will have plenty of opinions on your shell code.

When not staring at a computer monitor, Matt is usually volunteering away all his spare time by running or helping with events, or teaching people cool stuff that he's passionate about, be that running tutorials for adults, or facilitating 11-15-year-old scouts to have fun and learn how to be independent, hopefully out in the bush somewhere.

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