Every Game Should Have An API Like Destiny

Presented by Richard Deveraux
Monday 11:30 a.m.–noon
Target audience: Developer


As a game developer, you should always be looking for ways to engage your players inside and outside your game. If your game is popular, you might even find you have some players with programming experience and want to do more with your game. Implementing an API is one way you can empower these players to create cool applications that can enhance your game in ways you may not have even thought of or have the resources for and it is one of the more unique aspects of large games such as Destiny where it has allowed the game to evolve well beyond what was possible by Bungie alone. As the lead contributor to the Unofficial BungieNetPlatform API Documentation I can give you a list of tips and suggestions on ways you can enhance your game through the creation of APIs and show you some of the amazing tools the Destiny Developer Community have been able to create because these APIs exist.

Presented by

Richard Deveraux

Richard is a programmer from Darwin who is currently employed as a Web Developer but (not so secretly) also likes to tinker and hack on game related projects with whatever spare time he has left after playing Destiny. He is an active contributor to the Unofficial BungieNetPlatform API Documentation, of which is heavily automated and has recently started creating and sharing web applications and other resources for the games he likes to play.

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