Open Source and Radio Panel Discussion

Presented by Scott Bragg, Ben Short
Monday 3:40 p.m.–4:25 p.m.
Target audience: Community


Amateur radio and open source software have a long history together but there is plenty of room to bring them closer together. What can (the institutions of amatuer radio) learn from the open source community and development? What can open source groups learn from amateur radio groups?

The panel will also aim to discuss current technologies and the inevitable lag of regulation, as well as roadmaps of your favourite projects. We're not above accidentally inserting an ad-hoc lightning talk in the mix.

Our hosts will put together a panel of amateur radio operators, developers and makers to discuss these but also with some audience participation.

If you would like to appear on the panel, or want a few minutes for a radio related lightning talk, send us an email to and tell us about yourself.

Presented by

Scott Bragg

Scott spent his formative years running Linux and looking very hard for a 'forced' daemon that should be checked whenever starting up after an unclean shutdown of hard drives. It wasn't until 2000 that he reluctantly agreed forced did not exist and has been facepalming that ever since although the exploration into the kernel and Linux systems has led to a successful career as a sysadmin and developer.

Scott runs the local Tasmanian Linux Users Group meetups in Hobart and likes to promote libre and open source products and projects wherever he can as it's usually the right tool for the job. He is currently working as a developer for automated aquaculture systems, which are usually deployed in harsh marine environments.

Ben Short

Ben is a IT Systems Administrator working within the Tasmanian Government and much of his spare time is taken up with the hobbies of amateur radio and electronics. With great changes occurring to the hobby with the commodotisation of electronics modules and compute such as Arduino and Raspberry Pis, Ben has a keen interest in how the hobbies and technology meet, and the importantance of Open Source Software in making this happen. Ben is the President of the Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania, representing the amateur radio and electronics enthusiasts in southern Tasmania.

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