Panel on The Future of Community Efforts to Protect FOSS using Legal Tools

Presented by Donna Benjamin
Tuesday 3:40 p.m.–4:40 p.m.
Target audience: Community


What will the legal landscape look like for free software over the next few years? What can or should the international free software community do about it? We'll be looking at these questions and taking questions from the audience.

Panel participants: Kate Chapman, Michael Cordover, Deb Nicholson, Richard Fontana Moderated by Donna Benjamin

Presented by

Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin is a Project Lead at Catalys Australia. She is part of a global team of skilled open source technologists, who specialise in developing, designing and supporting enterprise grade systems using open source technologies.

Donna is a passionate advocate of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) solutions for small business and education. In particular, the use of web applications on the Drupal platform, open source graphics tools such as Inkscape and GIMP, and the Moodle and Sugar learning platforms. Donna has taken on a range of leadership roles in the Open Source community, sitting on boards and committees and organising events. She is currently a Director of the Drupal Association and the Open Australia Foundation.

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