Earth Moon Earth (EME) Radio Propagation

Presented by Rex Moncur
Monday 4:35 p.m.–5:20 p.m.
Target audience: User


This talk will focus on the Amateur radio use of PCs to detect signals up to 30 dB below the noise after reflection from the Moon. These techniques have been developed by Nobel Laureate Professor Joe Taylor and Rex has conducted experimental work to support Joe's work. Rex's goal in this work is to reflect signals off the Moon with as small an antenna and as low a power as possible.

The best result to date is the reflection of signals from the Moon and back to stations in Europe with just 5 watts from a small 77 cm dish. For this audience who will be used to data rates of many mega bits/second you are warned in advance that the data rates are the order of only 1 bit/second.

Presented by

Rex Moncur

Rex Moncur was licenced as an Amateur radio operator in 1960 and holds the callsign VK7MO. He graduated in Communication Engineering from the RMIT in 1962 and worked on the development of telemetry systems at the Bureau of Meteorology. In 1973 he moved to Canberra and took on administrative roles in the Department of Science including Secretary of the Australian Research Grants Committee (now the ARC). In 1985 he moved to Australian Antarctic Division in Hobart and retired as Director of the Division in 1998. Since retirement he has returned to Amateur radio with a focus on weak signal work using computer generated and decoded digital modes.

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