Decentralisation - Removing the Middle Man from Current Centralised Systems

Presented by Adam Poulton
Tuesday 1:20 p.m.–1:50 p.m.
Target audience: Community


Most systems that are currently used by people involve a central entity that verifies, controls and charges for transactions that are processed by the controlling entity. This entity can be a bank, a government agency, a market maker or a service provider. These centralilized institutions, although essencial in the 20th century as they provided security, are an inefficiency that has become an evergrowing and largly avoidable cost as we move further into the cryptocurrency age Blockchains provide a decentrilized solution to the trusted central authority and provide a platform for untrusting parties to transact with each other in a transparant system that requires zero trust in the other side. This has implications for almost every facet of life from banking, identity, certification, autherisation and voting.

Presented by

Adam Poulton

Adam is a self employed business owner and father of two living in Tasmania. Adam has a Degree in Applied Science from the University of Tasmania and has had an interest in money and macro economics from an early age. Since the global financial crisis in 2008, Adam has been studying economics, in particular the theories of the Austrian School. This has lead to his interest in Bitcoin, and his belief that this new currency can solve many of the worlds current economic problems. Adam is currently in Beta in a Bitcoin startup, designed to integrate Bitcoin into peoples daily lives, and hopes that in the future, his children will be more familiar with Bitcoin than with regular dollars. Adam has a wide range of experience in several bitcoin projects spanning the past 4 yours including co-founding Blockchain Australia (Formerley The Bitcoin Association of Australaia), Founding Get Paid In Bitcoin, a business that offers all Australains the option of receiving a portion of their wage in Bitcoin and consulting with various government and NGO's on bitcoin policyand blockchain implementations. Adam also recently run as a candidate in the Federal Election as a Senator for Tasmania with The Flux Party, a political party that proposes using blockchain technology to enable its members to vote directly on policy.

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