The proper care and feeding of communities and carnivorous plants

Presented by Rikki Endsley
Friday 2:15 p.m.–3 p.m.
Target audience: Community


In 2016, I adopted my first carnivorous plant, a Venus Fly Trap, which I named Gordon. I quickly discovered that, in addition to his ability to catch the occasional bug and get energy from the sun, Gordon's health was closely connected to the environment and care I provided. In this talk, I'll draw from more than a decade of experience working with open source communities (and a few months of experience keeping Gordon alive) to explain how caring for a Venus Fly Trap is much like caring for a community. Like carnivorous plants, communities can't be left alone to fend for themselves, and they won't explicitly tell you when there is a problem. Communities and carnivorous plants need an energy source, healthy environments, pest control, and occasional maintenance. Whether you're a seasoned community gardener, or just starting to develop your carnivorous plant green thumb, you'll learn practical tips for nurturing healthy roots that grow thriving communities (... or Venus Fly Traps).

Presented by

Rikki Endsley

Rikki Endsley is a community manager and editor for, and a 2016 recipient of an O’Reilly Open Source Award. In the past, she worked as a community evangelist on the Open Source and Standards team at Red Hat; freelance tech journalist; community manager for the USENIX Association; associate publisher of Linux Pro Magazine, ADMIN, and Ubuntu User; and as the managing editor of Sys Admin magazine and Follow her on Twitter: @rikkiends.

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