Running production workloads in a programmable infrastructure

Presented by Alejandro Tesch
Monday 1:20 p.m.–1:50 p.m.
Target audience: User


Infrastructure as Code is a hot topic today, however several IT managers and System Administrators often fail to see the benefits that it can provide to their day to day operations.

In this mini-conf session we will go in depth into two use cases that can leverage on OpenStack to address common operation challenges.

1) We will demo how to leverage HEAT and Ansible to automate the deployment of a two-tier load balanced environment within seconds that will host your enterprise applications. We will showcase as well the autoscaling capabilities by overloading our web farm until we hit the CPU threshold that will spawn another tomcat server.

2) "Data Cloning as a Service" will demonstrate how to automate the cloning of a 24 x 7 Mission critical Oracle database without impacting the end users.

Ansible is used to place an enterprise database in backup mode, take a snapshot of the volume containing the Database, clone the cinder volume and get it transferred to a development tenant who will automatically start a clone of the database for testing and QA.

Presented by

Alejandro Tesch

Alex Tesch

Alex has been working with Open Source enterprise technologies for the better part of his 15 years IT career in companies like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Red Hat, IBM and Sun Microsystems.

He has extensive deployment experience on configuration management and automation of private cloud based on OpenStack and Docker microservices following devOps methodologies by leveraging on Jenkins and Github.

Alex is currently an APJ Cloud Consultant in the Helion Cloud team at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, where he evangelizes the OpenSource side of the Helion portfolio (OpenStack / Cloud Foundry / Ceph).

He enjoys running automation workshops and seminars in the APJ region for cloud and docker adopters.

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