Automate your home with MQTT

Presented by Alastair D'Silva
Wednesday 3:40 p.m.–5:20 p.m.
Target audience: User


Capable embedded electronics are getting cheaper, and most tinkerers have thought at some point about enhancing their lives by automating some aspect of their home.

This workshop will equip the participants with the basic knowledge required to wifi-enable household objects, and respond to sensors such as switches, sound, and light.

Particpants will learn how to script behaviours on the ESP8266 wifi module using the LUA scripting language, communicate to a central server using MQTT (a message passing protocol), and build complex behaviours using the NodeRed drag & drop environment.

No prior development experience is required, as all scripts will be provided and will be explained during the workshop.

No soldering is required, as all electronics are connected via a breadboard.


Presented by

Alastair D'Silva

In his day job, Alastair works as open source developer at IBM's Ozlabs. In his spare time, he tinkers with embedded electronics and home automation, and also sells lasercut science jewellery under the label "Crankybot".

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