Make your testing Groovy

Presented by Paul King
Tuesday 2:15 p.m.–3 p.m.
Target audience: Developer


We tend to take enormous care these days making sure our production code is highly refactored and easily maintainable but what about our test code? This talk looks at the benefits of using an open source scripting language and utilising a high degree of automation rather than a vendor tool for unit, functional, acceptance, customer/BDD testing. The talk uses Apache Groovy as an example testing language but also considers other polyglot options. Groovy happens to be an excellent choice as a scripting/testing language for JVM users but the techniques described in the talk are applicable to other similar languages. Similarly, while specific forms of testing will be looked at, the techniques and lessons learned can be applied to other kinds of testing. Drivers and Runners discussed will include a selection from: Native Groovy, HttpBuilder, HtmlUnit, WebTest, Watij, Selenium, WebDriver, Tellurium, JWebUnit, JUnit, TestNG, Spock, EasyB, JBehave, Cucumber, Robot Framework, JMeter, ScalaCheck and FitNesse/Slim. Some techniques discussed will include all-pairs testing, model-driven testing, data-driven testing, constraint-programming based testing scenarios and code/test coverage. Participants in this talk should leave with some new insights into possible testing approaches and techniques which they can take back and incorporate in their own projects.

Presented by

Paul King

Dr Paul King has broad experience within the IT industry. He has a passion for innovation and often assists organizations in bringing new technologies or processes into their development practices. He has been contributing to open source projects for over 25 years, has taught thousands of students in over 20 countries, has contributed to international standards, has won prizes for his research, is a frequent speaker at international conferences, a member of Apache Groovy's PMC, and coauthor of Manning's Groovy in Action book 2ed.

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