Effective docs writing: Practical writing style explained with computer science.

Presented by Joe Robinson
Tuesday 4:20 p.m.–4:40 p.m.
Target audience: Developer


If you've taken a glance at the docs of an opensource project you contribute to, or something you've worked on either professionally or for a hobby, and thought "that word doesn't sound right when I read it" or "is there a better way to write the steps needed to work this project?" this short talk aims to provide\ practical and effective writing style information for new and experienced developers. Using basic computer science, this talk describes and explains writing style points such as how to use definite articles, active voice, punctuation, and plain language.

Presented by

Joe Robinson

Working remotely as an Information Developer for Rackspace, Joe writes and edits Openstack and Rackspace documentation. He has edited a variety of content for different audiences, and helped create surveys and reports for tracking and improving the overall quality and standards of user facing documentation. Studying writing and editing, and later working as a grant writer in a previous position, Joe has a background in professional writing, style, and persuasive writing. Currently, he supports and manages the OpenStack User Guides, and blogs about media and pop-culture in his spare time.

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