Hannah Gets Go-ing

Presented by Hannah Thompson
Monday 2:40 p.m.–3 p.m.
Target audience: Community


I've challenged myself to learn Go in two months, with the aim of using the Gobot framework to control an Arduino device.

I'm part of that emerging group of women who have learnt to code in order to career change. But instead of taking the plunge and quitting my job to spend six months at a bootcamp, I harnessed one of strongest skills - learning - and taught myself (I have a PhD, which basically means I'm really good at learning).

This talk will chart my journey of learning a new language - Go. I'll discuss the challenges, successes and failures I experience along the way and finally demonstrate what a new programmer can achieve in two months.

Why did I choose Go? Well, it's open source, there's an active community in my new hometown, there are plenty of resources for new users, and gophers are adorable. Also there are a lot of Go puns.

Presented by

Hannah Thompson

Hannah has a PhD in potatoes (yes, really) but a passion for programming. She wouldn't say she's a developer, yet, but is well on the path to making it her career and is loving every frustrating, brow-furrowing, exhilarating and ordinary minute of the journey. She's got a hackathon win under her belt (People's Choice Award, She Hacks Sydney 2016) and now she's pretty much unstoppable.

When she's not mucking around on her computer or doing her not-yet-a-developer day job she loves brunch, patting dogs, dabbling in podcasting and eating pizza at tech meetups.

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