Seeing the big picture – using open source images

Presented by Kate Andrews
Monday 11:35 a.m.–noon
Target audience: Community


The ease of image sharing on the web results in the rapid dilution of the creator's ownership, and it can be really hard to tell whether the image you want to use is open source. In this presentation, you'll learn some tips and tricks for finding the license on an image, and useful tools for tracking down high-quality, genuinely open source images. Real-life stories from the artist's side of the copyright minefield will give you a new perspective on the importance of getting your image use right first time.

Presented by

Kate Andrews

Kate is an agile Business Analyst at MYOB. With a background as a content specialist, project manager and developer, she brings a broad range of skills to the table. After more than two decades working on projects in the finance and government sectors, Kate has a wealth of experience in the business application of open source technologies. Her parallel lives as a professional photographer, singer and artist give her personal insight into the uses and abuses of copyright and licensing.

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