My adventures building hamlib support for the OpenSDR board

Presented by Paul Warren
Monday 11:35 a.m.–12:20 p.m.
Target audience: Community


This talk will explore the path I went on building Hamlib support for the Open Software Defined Radio board, previously built at the LCA2015 OpenRadio MiniConf.

I'll detail my mistakes, where I ended up, and future plans.

Hamlib is an abstraction layer to allow applications to easily talk to various radio hardware, usually over a serial connection.

The Open SDR board is a fully open sourced SDR baord that receives across the HF band (0-30MHz) with the help of a sound card. It can also trasmit PSK31 a text based communication mode.

Presented by

Paul Warren

Paul was always happiest playing with gadgets, pulling them apart and sometimes, putting them back together again! He started programming in primary school with BASIC, and because of that particular langauge choice, is no longer a programmer and is currently being employed a linux System Administrator. He has a long list of hobbies, with the most prominent being Amateur Radio, coffee roasting and homebrewing Cider.

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