Continuous Dashboarding - your devops airbag

Presented by Christopher Biggs
Monday 11:30 a.m.–noon
Target audience: Developer


The concept of "Continuous Delivery" has been paraphrased as "Move fast and break things", that is automate your testing and deployment to remove as many delays as possible between developer and production, and be prepared to react rapidly when something goes wrong.

The trick is knowing whether something has gone wrong.

Most businesses have analytics, monitoring and dashboards.
In fact, if you look really hard, most businesses have a dozen or more different silos of monitoring data. The problem is that it's difficult to get a business-wide overview of all this data.

Node-RED is a visual data-flow tool that has a rich collection of interfaces to other services, and is capable of talking to most of these silos in order to provide synergistic insights, and real time alerts.

In combination with mobile dashboard tools like Blynk, this allows targeted mobile dashboard applications to be built and deployed in minutes, for one user or a thousand.

The attendee will learn the capabilities of Node-RED and Blynk, see some examples of dashboard apps, and receive practical advice on how to get started with their own data.

With "dashboard driven development" your process becomes first build a dashboard to monitor some element, second make a change, third verify that the change had the desired effect.

Every time you make a change to your operating environment, you'll be able to monitor vital statistics from your pocket, in real time.

The collection of dashboards you've built over time will give you increased confidence whenever you make a change that your business' key performance metrics are where you expect them to be.

Presented by

Christopher Biggs

Christopher has been into Unix since 1990 and was there at the birth of 386BSD and Linux. He was founding vice president of HUMBUG, the Brisbane open systems user group, and was head of development at a multinational online retailer, stewarding development culture and toolset, and convening a series of lectures and workshops for developers there.

In his spare time he builds and blogs robots, and adds to the Internet of Things.

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