16–20 January 2017. Hobart.

One of the world’s greatest Free and Open Source Software conferences is returning to Hobart – a small city growing a global reputation for art, produce, and innovation – at the Wrest Point Convention Centre. Tickets are now on sale!

Come to Hobart

January in Hobart is sunny and warm with more daylight hours than other Australian cities. There’s a growing cultural scene, led by MONA, and if you’re a foodie, you’re sorted too. Hobart’s burgeoning gourmet scene takes inspiration from the best in the world, and pairs it with quality Tasmanian produce.


linux.conf.au is a conference about the Linux operating system and the vibrant ecosystem of Free and Open Source Software that has grown up around it. Run in a different Australian or New Zealand city each year by local volunteers, LCA invites more than 500 people to learn from the people who shape the future of Open Source.

Learn about our Selected Presentations

Selected from over 400 submissions, this year’s linux.conf.au programme features 84 talks and 6 tutorials. They’ll help you understand the tools, the technology, and the issues that are shaping the Future of Open Source.

Miniconfs Announced

Miniconfs are linux.conf.au’s special interest streams. They let us explore important topics in Open Source in greater depth than our selected presentations alone. Our twelve miniconfs are taking place on Monday 16 January and Tuesday 17 January.

Keynote Speakers

Robert M. "r0ml" Lefkowitz

Software architect and open source strategist, Robert “r0ml” Lefkowitz reflects on how to continue the democratisation of software even as Linux and Open Source software have become ubiquitous.

Nadia Eghbal

Nadia Eghbal, a noted researcher on sustainability in Open Source projects, shares her insights on resolving the tension between keeping code free, and supporting the developers who maintain that code.

Dan Callahan

Mozilla Software Engineer and Developer Advocate, Dan Callahan investigates how to design Open Source software and services that are designed to fail gracefully.


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