Our Call for Proposals is Open!

Tell us how you’re shaping the Future of Open Source. The linux.conf.au 2017 Call for Proposals is now open! Submissions close on Friday 5 August

4 July 2016

linux.conf.au 2017 is a conference where people gather to learn about the entire world of Free and Open Source Software, directly from the people who shape the projects and topics that they’re presenting on.

If you’re working with Free and Open Source Software, Open Hardware, if you’re exploring openness in a field outside of technology, or if you’re doing something that you think will be interesting to people interested in Open Source, we want to hear from you!

Our CFP is open until Friday 5 August. Find out what we’re looking for in talk, tutorial, and miniconf proposals, and how to submit your proposal at linux.conf.au/proposals

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