Accommodation allocation and service requests

Staying at the University accommodation? We can help make your stay more comfortable.

30 December 2016

This year, 150 of our single bedrooms at the University accommodation are 6-bedroom units. Those units have 2 bathrooms shared across the units, as well as a common room and some kitchen facilities.

If you have some friends who’ve booked accommodation at the uni too, and you’d like to share an accommodation unit with them, we’d be happy to make that happen! Likewise, if there are people who you are not comfortable sharing a unit with, we can make sure you’re kept apart.

We can also accommodate general requests, for example, being housed with other people of the same gender, or having single-gender bathrooms in your unit.

Send an e-mail to and we’ll do our best to meet your requests.

Room allocation requests need to be sent in by Monday 9 January, and we can’t necessarily fulfil all room allocation requests. We’ll try our hardest, though!

If you have any other enquires about the university accommodation, is the place to send e-mail to.

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