At linux.conf.au 2017, the edge of the world becomes the centre of the Open Source world. Discover why Hobart's somewhere you might actually want to visit.

The Edge of the World

By the time linux.conf.au 2017 comes around, it’ll have been eight years since Hobart hosted one of the world’s greatest Free and Open Source Software conferences, but in that time, this city has undergone a massive change in character, and has found its own identity.

Hobart has a growing arts and cultural scene, led by the Museum of Old and New Art – MONA – taking pride in Hobart's isolation, the irreverent, and the unusual. If you're a foodie, you're sorted too. Hobart's burgeoning gourmet scene takes inspiration from the best in the world, and pairs it with quality produce grown across Tasmania.

At LCA2017, we'll make sure you sample the best in Tasmanian food, cool-climate wine, craft beer, and cider, in venues that are inspirational and completely unexpected.

Of course, we think Tasmania is a great place to visit in January: in summer, Hobart is warm (but not too warm) and dry – perfect for outdoor conversations over lunch, morning tea, or in linux.conf.au's famous hallway track; and our southern disposition lends the city long lingering evenings, perfect for LCA's many outdoor social events.

Not actually that far away

Hobart Airport is a short flight away from Melbourne, and we're serviced from Melbourne by each of Australia's major domestic airlines. There's also flights every day from Sydney, and Brisbane. International connections to Hobart are available from Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, and can be purchased through most major airlines that fly to those cities.

Hobart Airport is 21km by road from our conference venue at Wrest Point; transfers from Hobart Airport are available by Airporter bus and taxi.

Car access to Tasmania is available on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, which crosses between Melbourne and Devonport, about 3 hours drive from Hobart. In January, the Spirit of Tasmania crosses Bass Strait twice daily.

Where it's happening

Located on the banks of the Derwent River, Wrest Point is one of Australia’s best medium-sized convention centres. In 2012 and 2013 it played host to PyCon Australia, and we're excited to host linux.conf.au there for the first time.

Outside the conference rooms, there are two levels of wide hallway space with floor-to-ceiling windows facing the river, as well as a boardwalk linking the convention centre with expansive waterfront gardens. At the peak of Hobart’s summer, Wrest Point’s absolute waterfront location will be an inspiring venue for linux.conf.au’s famous hallway track.

Wrest Point lies two kilometres south of the Hobart CBD on Sandy Bay Road, one of the main Hobart arterials. Sandy Bay Road is covered by regular bus service from Metro Tasmania all day, including into the evenings. The road to the city is also mostly flat, so it’s a very comfortable half-hour walk into the city. And if you'd rather travel by water, there's a private jetty right outside the convention centre.

Wrest Point has a variety of accommodation available, and we have a negotiated rate available for linux.conf.au delegates. We'll share more information about how to access these deals once registration opens.

For those of you staying off-site, Wrest Point also has ample free car parking.

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